The Festival of Great Spirits

The Festival of Great Spirits is a five day festival in Champoor with ancient traditions. Since the Prasadi conquest the festival and its official meaning has changed great, but many of the practices are the same.

Each day is focused on a worship of a god in the Court of Night but was originally geared toward greater figures.

Day one, the Day of Growth- On this day the people celebrate the fullness of the harvest and the god Ivory of the Field. Festive rice treats and sun-shaped cookies are sold by vendors or given to children by the wealthy. Sporting contests and tests of strength are common.

Day two, the Day of Mystery- While the first day is about being forthright and loud, the second is about quiet and introspection, as befits the worship of Subtle Purpose. Many wear round white masks, and it is seen a time to share a secret or start an affair. Magical tricks (real and fake) are common entertainment. Much of the celebrations are at night.

Day three, the Day of Order- The time for worshiping Perfect Loyalty and a time for reaffirming marriage vows. Masters give servants and underlings gifts for their loyal service. Unmarried women perform elaborate dances in traditional dresses of red, blue, yellow, green and purple.

Day four, the Day of Elements- A variety of traditions mark the day ofZu Ko Roth: singing and flute music around bonfires, ceremonial cleansing with sea water, and the giving of plants and pottery as gifts. The Day of the Elements is held by the common people as the most auspicious day to be born.

Day five, the Day of Heroes- The final day is given to praise the Satrap and Prasadi. There are parades all around the city, with and without the Prasadi garrison involved. Large puppets of the Thar beast (a mythical creature of local tales) usually lead the parades. Rites of welcoming children into adulthood are held. The day and the festival end with a ceremony in which the Satrap gives a massive gift of riches to the people. This is, of course, only symbolic, and the elders of the noble houses refuse it on behalf of the people.

The Festival of Great Spirits

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