Noble Houses of Champoor


Also known as the Ashraf, these houses once ruled Champoor under the leadership of the sultan. After the Prasadi conquest of the city, the sultan’s family was put to death, as were any noble families uncooperative with the new order. Now the remaining houses fight among themselves for influence under the satrap’s rule.

House Jahar has a strong military history and was once a key ally of the sultans. They are now the poorest family, though still proud. The house is involved in training and supplying mercenary groups that are allowed to work in the surrounding areas. They are led by Jahar Sunji and remain the only house not to embrace the practice of slavery.

House Boujin is responsible for all sea trade that comes through Champoor and ensuring the satrap’s import duties are paid. They also run opium dens throughout the city. It is whispered that Boujin is heavily involved with The Dark Waves Brotherhood. The house is led by Boujin Ganzi.

House Ekos has its hands in much of the trade that passes through Champoor, but they are known for their total control over the slave trade. Under the sultans slavery was outlawed, but the Prasadi made it legal when they took over, and Ekos has embraced the practice. The family tries to control the other houses economically by buying and leveraging debts. Led by Ekos Togosh.

House Ashen is the family most closely allied with the Prasadi. The satrap was married to a member of the house, though she died. They are a very private family, but it is rumored they are involved in spying on the other houses for the satrap.Led by Ashen Puja.

House Vali have long been the record-keepers and guardians of knowledge in Champoor. They oversee the Thrice Blessed Archives and, it is rumored, an even more extensive private collection. The house leader Vali Haneesh has been working to secure a marriage between her daughter Vali Brilliant Snow and the satrap, Ophirs Akar.

Noble Houses of Champoor

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