Champoor, the Nighted City


Once the mighty capitol of a thriving empire with a long line of sultans, Champoor was conquered by the Prasadi Empire 100 years ago. Now ruled by the Prasadi satrap, Ophirs Akar, the city has become a place of corruption, crime, slavery, and suffering. Among the Noble Houses of Champoor, some plot the return of the rightful rulers, the heirs of the deposed sultans, while others will do anything to secure their current positions.

Concurrent with the displacement of the sultans. a subtle darkness settled over the city. Shadows lengthen and alleys are darker, making the Champoor the perfect place for all sorts of crime. Smuggling, assassination, bribery, kidnapping, thievery and worse are rampant in the city. The darkness and the crime led to a new name for the once proud metropolis: The Nighted City. It is whispered by the common people that this darkening of the city will continue until the heir to the sultans return to the throne.

Situated at the mouth of the Silver River on the coast of the Dreaming Sea, Champoor has long been a major player in trade from the region to the Scavenger Lands to the north. The city is surrounded by fertile farmland.

Champoor is divided into four districts:

Market: one of the largest districts, it takes up most of the eastern side of the city along the Silver River. As the name would suggest, a great deal of the city’s commerce takes place here. Notable locations include the Khallan Foundry, house Ekos compound, the River Traveler Inn.

Seabound: the southern area of the city around the sea docks. Typically a hub of activity and of smuggling and bribery. Notable locations include the temple to Subtle Purpose that is also the main based of The Dark Waves Brotherhood, the House of Obedience slave training facility, house Boujin compound, and the satrap’s private dock.

Wallshadow: the western area of the city. The poorest district and the least developed. Some areas of Wallshadow were never rebuilt after the Prasadi conquest. Notable locations include the Black Shield Academy, the arena, house Jahar compound, an abandoned temple to the Unconquered Sun, and The Ivory Bastion (underground).

Royal: the central area of the city. Well developed and well guarded, it contains the oldest architecture to be found in Champoor, many structures dating from the First Age. Notable locations include the satrap’s palace, the Thrice Blessed Archive, house Vali compound, house Ashen compound, and the Temple to the Court of Night.

Champoor, the Nighted City

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