Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

The Heir Apparent(ly)
Campaign History, Part 2

On the way to Champoor the group stopped at the town of Sleeping Man. Most of the freed slaves departed but a half dozen stayed with Ka Bar to help his fight to end slavery in the area. He arranged from the to stay in Sleeping Man and train in fighting. Mambu learned that the “treasure map” he had was a partial copy of a text from a library called the Thrice Blessed Archive.

By chance, Ka Bar noticed an assassin attempting to poison a young boy at a tavern. The group thwarted the poisoning and captured the assassin. They learned that the boy was really Tan Khari, the last heir to the Sultan of Champoor. Over one hundred years ago Champoor had been at war with the Prasadi Empire, a regional off-shoot of the Realm. At a crucial moment highly-placed traitors inside the city opened the gates to Prasadi forces. The Prasadi conquered the city and put the Sultan to death. A Dragonblooded satrap now rules Champoor, the remaining noble families have risen in power, and the last descendants of the Sultan are hunted by assassins.

Tan Khari told them that if he can return to the throne of Champoor, the gods of the city (called the Court of Night) are bound by an ancient oath to recognize him, and the people of the city will rally. Tan Khari’s advisors knew they need support in the city, so they asked the heroes to help them find and make contact with loyalists. The heroes agreed and set off down river to Champoor.

During the river journey the heroes met Joji, a tiger style martial artist on his way to participate in the Tournament of Champoori Freedom. An unusual storm swept in and their boat docked to wait for it to pass. The heroes investigated sounds of fighting and found a group of Fair Folk marauders abducting and feeding on local farmers. The group defeated the Fair Folk and freed the farmers before returning to the boat. Shadow Scorpion had visions of his lost familiar, who appeared to have been captured. The heroes deduced that the group that took his familiar was likely the same that kidnapped Mambu, though exactly what they and the astrologer want was still unknown.

Our Story Begins
Campaign History, Part 1

Ka Bar, Shadow Scorpion, and Perfect Onyx Dog Mambu were once lone heroes walking different paths. In that time, Ka Bar happened upon a group of slavers in the desert and helped free their captives, among them an old advisor who with his dying breath asked him to take a message to “the last heir.” Shadow Scorpion was working to build his smuggling contacts in the Prasadi capitol city Kamthahar when he was attacked by an assassin who he found was a Dragonblooded after he killed her. While traveling in the southeast, Mambu was drugged, kidnapped, and held by a group of Dragonblooded. “The Astrologer” visited him in his cell and used arcane methods to dredge up memories of Mambu’s past life. He showed the hero artifacts from that time, including a ceremonial knife, technical blueprints, and a signet ring, and demanded the “Words of Command.” Remembering other words of power associated with the ring, Mambu spoke them and vanished with the ring.

All three of the heroes found themselves teleported across Creation, midair in a strange jungle. A fourth person cloaked in black was there too, but he or she immediately burst into a flock of ravens and flew away. After using various means to land safely, the heroes took their bearings. They determined something must bind them together, a reason they were all called to this place. Shadow Scorpion’s hawk familiar had not teleported with him.

In nearby ruins, they found a hearthstone guarded by an earth elemental Vaktri. Mambu pressed the Vaktri into service as his familiar and Shadow Scorpion took the hearthstone. Also in the ruins was an ancient mural showing figures associated with their castes adored by mortals, and a figure that may or may not be the astrologer as well.

Setting off through the jungle for a nearby tribal village, the heroes fought a pack of clawstriders and then a fearsome tyrant lizard. The villagers who had been fighting the beast greeted the heroes as divine rescuers and welcomed them to their village. There they learned that the nearest metropolis was Champoor, the Nighted City. Slavers from the city had captured several members of the village, and the heroes agreed to help return them. Setting off down river, they soon encountered a slaver barge out hunting for tribal people to kidnap. The heroes defeated and freed their slaves. Among their slaves was a treasure hunter with a strange map that Mambu took. The group also discovered, and fed slavers to, the bone octopus, a terrifying river predator native to the area.

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