Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

Stealing the Spear of Conquest
Campaign History, Part 12

Shadow Scorpion’s investigation found the leaks in house Jahar that Bronze Ledger was exploiting and informed Jahar Sunji. The heroes were invited to the nameday celebration where they found more spies in their midst. The secret meeting Jahar was holding was a group of loyalist including Boujin Rose Path and Vali Farzana trying to locate an heir to the sultan. A rumor had been circulating of a girl who claimed to be an heir in the city, but most disregarded that as false or worse, a trap set by members of house Ashen. The heroes agreed to help them search for a true heir without revealing their knowledge of Tan Khari.

Giving the satrap’s spy they had capture false information about their based of operations, the heroes waited for the satrap and his soldiers to leave the palace. Then they infiltrated disguised as servants. Using intel Shadow Scorpion purchased from the Dark Waves network, they located the secret passageway to down the vault.

Rather than a traditional lock, the sultan’s vault was guarded by a set of stone statues. Deciphering the questions the statues asked about the true history of Champoor, they opened the vault and took the Orichalcum artifact Wild Winds, the Spear of Conquest. They also took a set jewelry identified with the sultan’s family, a jeweled mask, sword, and ornamental vestments of the sultan.

Changing disguises, the heroes exited the palace as a noble lord and his servants. At the side gate of the palace they encountered Song of Rain, a Fair Folk ambassador, and her Tiger-men servants. Shadow Scorpion talked his way past her supernatural enticement and they escaped just as an alarm was raised in the palace.

Mambu and Ka Bar, Ghostbusters
Campaign History, Part 11

Bronze Ledger contacted Shadow Scorpion to inform him there was a change of plans and to delay the kidnapping of Argent Hawk. He investigated and found that Bronze Ledger knew about a secret meeting taking place at Argent Hawk’s upcoming nameday celebration, and Bronze Ledger had planted spies to blackmail the whole group.

As the Champion of Champoor, Ka Bar was still a minor celebrity in the city. He met with one group that actual sparked his interest, a school for bodyguards called the Black Shield Academy. Run by Black Shield Talya and Black Shield Garrus, Ka Bar was impressed with their good practices. During his visit, a foundry owner Dalsar Soot tried to hire them, but they refused, pointing out that what he wanted protection from was ghosts, something they could help help with. Mambu agreed to help outfit the Black Shield Academy and Ka Bar acted as a guest instructor, which the students responded positively to.

Mambu and Ka Bar also agreed to help Dalsar Soot. His shop, the Khallan Foundry, was haunted and his people were being hurt. Mambu and Ka Bar destroyed the ghostly infestation for the price of Dalsar freeing his slaves. Mambu tracked down the book that had been used in the ghost summoning ritual to a bookseller named Talis. He traded a First Age book from the Ivory Bastion for it and two very rare books on Champoor history.

Another Rescue Mission
Campaign History, Part 10

With all three signet rings, the heroes were able to unlock the final hidden level of the Ivory Bastion. Within, they found a heavily warded chamber holding The Burning Void, a massively powerful demon, in a prismatic crystal. The original builders of the Ivory Bastion kept this room secret and apparently used the demon to answer questions.

In a conversation about the fight with the Wyld Hunt, Ka Bar complained to Mambu about how his staff felt useless against such opponents. Mambu remember a legendary spear from the First Age that the sultans of Champoor supposedly kept in their vault. They plotted to break into the palace vault to steal it.

Shadow Scorpion was contact by Bronze Ledger for help kidnapping and assassinating Jahar Argent Hawk. The Sheppard of Blades had figured out that the Ekos warehouse job the Dark Waves Brotherhood had been framed for most profited house Jahar, and he wanted revenge. Shadow Scorpion said he would handle it.

Meanwhile, Mambu and Ka Bar found that a large group of the city’s poor had been arrested by the satrap’s men and were being held on the palace grounds. They learned that the satrap planned to offer the group to the Fair Folk as a replacement for the slaves the heroes had rescued.

After a night of planning, the heroes went in to rescue the arrested city folk. A summoned blood ape demon was used as a distraction while they attacked the guards holding the prisoners. After a short fight they were successful and escaped with the prisoners, however Ka Bar sensed that one of them was not what he appeared. Under interrogation, he revealed that he was a spy planted among the prisoner in case they were rescued. They decided to give him false information to lure the satrap’s men away from the palace.

Temples and Secrets
Campaign History, Part 9

Returning to the Ivory Bastion, the heroes found First Wisdom repairing himself after a battle with a strong earth elemental called a Jokun. Vaktri, who was still on good terms after Mambu had released him from his status as enforced familiar, pointed out that the Jokun had attempted to infiltrate the Ivory Bastion dematerialized, which a Jokun would never do unless directly ordered to. Who commanded the elemental was a mystery.

Following up on rumors in the city, the team next investigated the connections the Court of Night had with the current situation in Champoor. Mambu discovered that Perfect Loyalty was a member of the Court of Night and was worshiped here. Ka Bar investigated the fabled oldest temple in Champoor, a remnant of the First Age abandoned in the Wallshadow district. The temple was to Uth Rama and the Unconquered Sun. The official state religion of the Prasadi, the Pure Way, discouraged direct worship of the Unconquered Sun. The heroes also saw a mural similar to the one in the ruins where they first met, a group of Solar Exalted before an adoring crowd.

Deeper in the temple they found a chained door that led down to an ancient crypt. Once a holy place, the crypt had been defiled as was now a gateway to the land of the dead, the Underworld. A nephrack, a powerful crazy ghost, attacked them with its dark magic, but they destroyed it. The nephrack had been attempting to breach a special tomb when they came in, one belonging to a Solar Exalted. Inside the tomb they found a ceremony knife and another signet ring identical to the other two.

The Wyld Hunt
Campaign History, Part 8

Ka Bar went to the necropolis as instructed, but he did not go alone. The message had been a forgery; Bean had been kidnapped but not by Emerald Fang. The ploy was a trap by the Wyld Hunt who had been following Shadow Scorpion from Kamthahar using his familiar. Tepet Haran and Vlin had been members of the Wyld Hunt all along. At first Ka Bar pretended to surrender, but when the Dragonblooded spotted Mambu charging sorcery, it was on.

After a long, hard battle, the heroes defeated the Dragonblooded (thanks in no small part to a tactical error by the Wyld Hunt’s sorceress and the Mists of Eventide). One Dragonblooded escaped and the heroes track him back to the Immaculate Order temple.

Surprisingly, the heroes managed to convince the final member of the Wyld Hunt that he had been lied to about the Solar Exalted being demons. Mnemon Karn agreed to end his hunt, having been long conflicted about the Immaculate teachings. He informed the heroes his hunt was not sanctioned by the Prasadi but that they had come directly from the Realm. Karn also mentioned that they had been guided to them by “an Astrologer”. Shadow Scorpion reunited with his familiar.

Joining the Brotherhood
Campaign History, Part 7

Impersonating Nosa Twisted Blade, Shadow Scorpion became a member of the Dark Waves Brotherhood. At a gathering of the commanders, Sheppard of Blades notified them that Tegus had been poisoned recently as blow-back from the burning of an Ekos warehouse. Shadow Scorpion defeated another lieutenant to take Tegus’ place as a new commander. He met the other commanders, Soris, Bronze Ledger, and Words of Iron, as well as his lieutenants that handle the day to day operations of his gang, Hagari, Forsaken Star, Ba, and Rain.

Back in the Ivory Bastion, Mambu discovered that one of the books in the collection, Tome of the Labyrinth Mind, was actually a magical tool. Reading it, he found himself in a mental maze that took his genius level intellect to navigate. The maze led to a new collection of spells and information on the Ivory Bastion itself. Delving further, he discovered extremely detailed blueprints for First Wisdom, though Mambu knows there is plenty more there to decipher.

Meeting up once again, the heroes saw that their activities the other night were not unnoticed. The entire city was now on alert for “Anathema,” though little real information was known. The satrap knew that a blood ape demon was summoned to aid the Anathema, so he demanded all known sorcerers in the city submit to a test to prove they did not summon it. Mambu submitted to the test but cheated by intimidating the spirit administering the test so he would be not discovered.

Ka Bar received a message from Emerald Fang that claimed she’d kidnapped their young guide Bean and demanded Ka Bar come alone to the Champoor necropolis.

Freeing Slaves the Old Fashioned Way
Campaign History, Part 6

After Tegus’ death, Shadow Scorpion saw his ghost leave his body. The ghost was greeted by Golden Jug who took him to his spirit sanctum for one last party before the afterlife. Shadow Scorpion went along and partied hearty while learning that Golden Jug had once been a member of the Court of Night. Tegus’ ghost departed to the Underworld and Shadow Scorpion was sent back to Champoor.

The next day Ananda informed Ka Bar that the Hooded Lantern was organizing an emergency gathering of Champoor’s abolitionists. Ka Bar and Ananda went to the meeting and a representative of the Hooded Lantern told them of a large sale of slaves by Ekos to the Fair Folk. However, Ka Bar detected that this representative was a fraud. Under interrogation, the man revealed that Hooded Lantern was never a real person, only a ploy by house Ekos to root out people like them. The plan was to lead them into a trap, but an actual shipment of slaves was headed to the Fair Folk. That night, Mambu had another dream with Brilliant Snow, who cautioned that it was dangerous for them to cause trouble for the satrap and the houses. She lamented being a powerless pawn herself, but Mambu reassured her she could always choose her own path.

In the morning Ka Bar went to meet with Tepet Haran, the Realm silk merchant. Mambu meanwhile realized someone was following him and tracked the spy back to Tepet Haran’s rented villa (thanks to a helpful dog). Ka Bar and Mambu confronted Haran about being more than just a silk merchant, but he was evasive and the heroes could not decipher his motives. On their way back, Ka Bar and Mambu were attacked in the streets by a group of mercenaries led by Emerald Fang, still angry about losing to Ka Bar in the tournament. Mambu knocked out Emerald Fang with a spell and Ka Bar routed the mercenaries. The satrap’s guards took Emerald Fang into custody. Mambu found a strange coin had been slipped into his pocket, likely while he was drunk, that he believed was a means of sorcerous spying.

That night Ka Bar, Mambu, and a summoned demon ambushed the slave shipment at the docks. Voice of Wind and Waves put up more resistance than the heroes expected. They were able to kill the Fair Folk, but in the process they were forced to show their true power (and become extremely glowy). Ananda was shocked to discover Ka Bar and Mambu were “Anathema” but decided her hatred for the real evil of slavery outweighed her belief in the mythical evil of Anathema. She followed through with the plan and took the slaves by boat upriver to Sleeping Man.

Dinner Parties and Arson
Campaign History, Part 5

Ka Bar became a minor local celebrity as the champion of the tournament. He met with Ananda and she told him about The Hooded Lantern, a notorious abolitionist with connections inside house Ekos. The heroes met next with Jahar Sunji, the leader of house Jahar. Sunji bought the ceremonial armor Ka Bar had received as a prize and indicated that he was a loyalist hoping to make connection with a rumored surviving heir of the sultan.

Argent Hawk asked Shadow Scorpion to act as an intermediary to hire someone to burn down an Ekos warehouse, but the heroes took the job themselves. Dressed as Dark Waves Brotherhood members, they killed most of the guards and infiltrated the warehouse. Inside they found contracts of loans given to Jahar and Vali by Ekos decades ago, which they decided to keep, before burning the warehouse down.

The heroes attended the reception at the palace in honor of Ka Bar as the champion of the tournament. Ekos Togosh tried to bribe Ka Bar so that he would change his stance on slavery, but he rebuffed them. Mambu met Tegus the Vile, a member of house Boujin, at the bar and became addicted to his blend of opium wine. The satrap Ophirs Akar arrived with Brilliant Snow, and rumors circulated that they were to be married. The satrap talked with Ka Bar and scoffed at his anti-slavery stance, stating that slavery is simply the way of the world. A Realm silk merchant Tepet Haran talked with Ka Bar about hiring him as his bodyguard and set an appointment to discuss it with him more at a later date. His servant Vlin flirted with a very drunk Mambu.

Meanwhile Shadow Scorpion eavesdropped on Tegus the Vile’s private conversion with a pirate and smuggler Nosa Twisted Blade. Tegus agreed to let Nosa join The Dark Waves Brotherhood and gave his a token to use to introduce himself to others in the organization. Shadow Scorpion pickpocketed the token. Shortly after, Tegus was poisoned by a member of house Ekos and died.

The party was disturbed by the arrival of a Fair Folk ambassador Voice of Wind and Waves. He introduced himself as a representative of the Storm Palace freehold, a Fair Folk city that was “mobile” and recently returned to this part of the world. He apologized for the actions of his “indiscreet cousins” that had been hunting local peasants for sport and offered chests of pearls as reparations. The satrap accepted the payment and welcomed Voice of Wind and Waves to the city. The leaders of house Ekos seemed eager to work with the Fair Folk.

The Champion of Champoor
Campaign History, Part 4

In the tournament Ka Bar defeated Emerald Fang, a snake style fighter, and Mukar, a hulking mutant. At the end of the second day of the tournament, the satrap held a ceremony to allow prisoners mercy. Local abolitionist Ananda appealed for lenience for a group of accused slaves, but the satrap revealed that his only mercy was a quick death before he executed the prisoners personally. In the semi-final match, Ka Bar defeated Edge of Justice, a highly skilled swordsman.

In the final round he faced Ninth Handmaiden of Dust, an enigmatic young woman who had killed Joji in a previous round. Her fighting style was strange and affected the minds of onlookers. Ka Bar was very careful to not allow her the upper hand but also not to allow his anima banner to show, which would have outed him as a Solar “Anathema.” The Handmaiden fought hard and just when Ka Bar was set to land a killing blow, she vanished in a burst of black smoke. Ka Bar saw a caste mark on her forehead like Shadow Scorpion’s, but bloody and dark, before she disappeared. The Handmaiden left behind a message claiming she would see them again.

Ka Bar was hailed as the champion of the tournament and given his choice of reward from the Sultan’s treasure room. He choose a ceremonial set of armor with magical silk armor hidden inside. The satrap declared Ka Bar would be the guest of honor at a reception in the palace in three days.

The Tournament, Drinking, and a First Age Manse
Campaign History, Part 3

The heroes arrived in Champoor. They hired a local girl Bean to act as guide and arranged for rooms at an inn. Shadow Scorpion made contact with the local branch of the smugglers he worked with in Kamthahar who told him that the most feared criminal organization in town was The Dark Waves Brotherhood. Kabar decided to participate in the fighting tournament along with Joji. While working for his dog spirit patron Perfect Loyalty in his dream-sanctum, which was usually empty, Mambu met a woman who also served the spirit. Later as Bean took the heroes around Champoor, Mambu detected a supernatural aura over the city that darkened shadows and alleys to protect illegal deeds and treachery.

While Kabar cruised through the early rounds of the tournament, Mambu and Shadow Scorpion entered a drinking contest with members of several noble families. They learned the basics of local politics. Shadow Scorpion met Jahar Argent Hawk, a young member of house Jahar who wanted to hire a discrete operative for an illegal mission. Mambu passed out in the last round of the contest and Shadow Scorpion won. The man running the contest revealed to Shadow Scorpion that he was actually Golden Jug, God of Inebriation. He held contests like this from time to time, but mostly just wanted to lay low and have a good time.

Mambu took his “treasure map” to research at the Thrice Blessed Archive and encountered the woman from his dream, Vali Brilliant Snow. She was one of the head librarians. Mambu convinced her to let him access the private level of the Archive. They found the original letter his map was copied from which hinted at the location of a lost stronghold called The Ivory Bastion. Mambu also saw the Prophecy of Champoor under lock and key in the private level of the Archive, which he assumed could be of importance.

The heroes followed the information in the letter to a warehouse hiding tunnels under the city used by The Dark Waves Brotherhood for smuggling. Off of one tunnel, the heroes discovered the entrance to the Ivory Bastion, a Solar manse from the First Age. The manse was guarded by a powerful automaton First Wisdom. The signet ring that had teleported with Mambu from the interrogation turned out to be a symbol of authority and unlocked the door to the manse. Within the Ivory Bastion the heroes found meeting chambers, rooms suited to each of them, a library, a temple, and a training arena. Shadow Scorpion found a signet ring like Mambu’s. On the second level they discovered a large occult library (with weird books like the Tome of the Labyrinth Mind), a workshop, and an Orichalcum Diaklave that Mambu took. A secret staircase led down into the geomantic heart of the manse which held a large hearthstone of unknown purpose. A very well hidden door was found on this level but it required three signet rings to unlock and they only had two.


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