Ka Bar

Zenith Caste Solar Exalted


Five foot nothing, with average features. Nothing about Ka Bar stands out, except that he wears slave garb with a red sash around his right arm. His skin is weathered, and aged scars tell a story of his rough life, but Ka Bar is usually wearing a smile and ready to laugh at a moment’s notice. He’s not a serious man, except for defending the helpless and arresting the proliferation of slavery, but other than that he’s pretty chill. He’s also developing a real appetite for killing faire foke.


Hailing from small nameless village, Ka Bar was taken when he was a young lad and encouraged to enter the manual labor market. The pay sucked, but it promised to make his tougher, or kill him. Either way he was taught some valuable lessons from this experience. Slaves out number the masters 20 to 1, and the sting of the whip doesn’t hurt as bad as when you skip meals and train real hard. Ka Bar witnessed something horrible in his slave pit that changed his perspective and lead to him leading a revolt. By some miracle they won and forced out the slavers. It was a nice victory, but also a short one. The city that was liberated of slavery was also the target of some Deathlord called the Mask of Winters. Ka Bar was sent outside the city to get help from neighboring cities, only to watch the Thorns crumble from within. Ka Bar has been running ever since.

End Slavery – Defining
Hatred of Undead – Major
Promote goodwill – Major
Loyalty to ally – Minor
Loyalty to patron – Minor
Kill the Satrap (spear) – Major.

Ka Bar

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