Mambu, Perfect Onyx Dog

Twilight Caste Sorcerer


A shorter man with a long black braid and a well kempt fu Manchu, Mambu could very well have been considered handsome at a point, but years of drinking have taken their toll. Despite the alcohol abuse, his reflexes are quick, but not as quick as his wits, or as short as his patience for those who would bore him.


Defining Intimacy: To Break his family’s Pact with an enigmatic spirit known only as Perfect Loyalty.

Major Intimacy: To uncover the knowledge of the First Age, and consequently the history he feels he is intimately connected to in some capacity.

Major Intimacy: To destroy the bureaucracy that allows the Wyld Hunt to persist, and to root out corruption that causes suffering to those under its yoke.

Minor Intimacy: To see Vektri, an earth elemental, flourish.

Minor Intimacy: An addiction to Poppy Wine.

Minor Intimacy: Really likes lizard on a stick – food carts are the best.

Mambu, Perfect Onyx Dog

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