Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

Shadow Men and Tiger-Men

Campaign History, Part 16

Escaping the burning tea house, Mambu and Shadow Scorpion took their captive to one of their rooms at the Inn. There Shadow Scorpion, disguised as a member of house Ekos, convinced the this assassin to give up information. He said he was working for Bronze Ledger, whose plan was to eliminate his lieutenants and him so she can take over his gang. Additionally he stated Bronze Ledger recently recruited a sorcerer from Ysyr who was responsible for the shadow men. Shadow Scorpion bargained with the assassin to turn on his former employer and act as his informant. His fee was high and they set a time for the assassin to return to collect it. Shadow Scorpion encountered Bean on his way out, who said strange cloaked figures had been sniffing around the inn and asking about the heroes.

Meanwhile Ka Bar worked to get his school up and running. He hired Whisper of the Wind to be an instructor in archery for the Unchained and Ananda to handle the day to day logistics. Shadow Scorpion arrived and informed them of the shadow men who had attacked him and of Bronze Ledger’s plan to oust him. The meets was interrupted by a shadow man who had tracked Shadow Scorpion there. The heroes destroyed it and decided to move their meeting to a more secure location: the Ivory Bastion.

Whisper of the Wind was amazed at the underground fortress Ivory Bastion and its automated protector First Wisdom. He felt a strong sense of deja vu from the place, as if he’d been there before. The heroes decided that they needed to solidify their powerbase before making a final push to overthrow the satrap, reinstate Tan Khari, and abolishing slavery. The first step would be to deal with Bronze Ledger.

While leaving the Ivory Bastion through the Dark Waves warehouse, the heroes heard someone arguing with the guards in front of the warehouse. They left through the side entrance and Ka Bar led the strangers away from the warehouse. These cloaked figures revealed themselves as the tiger-men servants of the Fair Folk Song of Rain. They were ordered to bring Shadow Scorpion, Ka Bar and Mambu to their mistress and had tracked them by scent. They demanded Ka Bar return with them and grew violent when he refused. Whisper of the Wind and Shadow Scorpion launched an ambush and the heroes battled the tiger-men on the streets. They killed three of the tiger-men and knocking the other two unconscious. Shadow Scorpion and Ka Bar decided to hold the living tiger-men at Dark Waves Brotherhood facility until it could be determined if the Fair Folk influence could be overcome and their minds restored.

The group recovered from the fight and returned to the inn to see if the assassin Shadow Scorpion tried to turn had claimed his fee. He had not, but Ka Bar noticed a patron at the bar was not who he appeared to be. With a variety of subtle and not subtle threats, they forced him to reveal he was a spy working for Bronze Ledger who had been instructed to keep track of everyone who came to this inn. Under interrogation he drew a map of Bronze Ledger’s mansion/compound, including its entrance from the Dark Waves tunnels.



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