Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

New Allies

Campaign History, Part 14

After mopping up the final survivors of the Prasadi and Ekos slavers, the heroes turned their attention to the ships they had arrived on. The Prasadi ship immediately set off on to the Silver River where it was an easy target for Mambu’s Flight of the Brilliant Raptor. Meanwhile there was a commotion aboard the slaver barge. Investigating, Mambu and Shadow Scorpion found the slave oarsmen attempting to revolt, but the remaining Ekos slave masters were chaining them up to prevent this uprising. The heroes killed the slavers and set the oarsmen free.

The freed slaves gathered all of the valuables, weapons, and armor of their fallen foes, and Ka Bar gave the defeated a blessing to see them into the afterlife. While he finished burning the bodies, a stranger called to him from a nearby rooftop to alert him to the city guard that was coming to investigate. Ka Bar left and went back to their base of operations to congratulate his troops and discuss next moves, but the stranger had followed him unseen.

The stranger introduced himself as Wisp of the Wind, also known as Vapor. He was a traveler new to the region but he has no love for Dragonblooded or slavers. and he admired how they helped free the oarsmen. He explained that he was in Sleeping Man tracking down a soul-stealing Fair Folk that had been preying on children. Vapor believed his target had recently arrived. Just then, they heard the voice of a mother calling for her lost son. Investigating, Vapor saw this disappearance fit the pattern of the other victims.

Tracking the Fair Folk, the heroes intercepted him before he could drain the boy’s soul. Vapor put an arrow through the Fair Folk’s eye, but he managed to break a strange vial first. From the vial came a scorpion which mutated before their eyes into a deadly manticore. The heroes put down the beast without taking a scratch. Among the Fair Folk’s belongings, Shadow Scorpion found a second scorpion vial.

Vapor agreed to travel with the heroes for a time, both recognizing that there was more to the other than meets the eye. Shadow Scorpion made preparations for the Dark Waves Brotherhood ship to return to Champoor with normal goods while re-purposing the Ekos barge to take the freed slaves in discreetly.


Allegedly found a second vial!

New Allies

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