Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

Liberating the Isle of Grain

Campaign History, Part 20

Leaving the sanctum of Perfect Loyalty, the heroes startled a temple acolyte who ran to tell his superiors of the glowing anathema. Golden Jug intervened and knocked out the young priest. Golden Jug was pleased the heroes were able to follow his advice and pull one over on Perfect Loyalty. The group left the temple and found the area in the midst of celebration, including an elaborate dance with unmarried woman. Vapor was pulled into the dance and became engrossed in discussion with his partner.

Back at the Ivory Bastion, Mambu was able to summon the ghost of his ancestor and have him recant the contract with Perfect Loyalty. He then destroyed the tablet, ending the contract with Perfect Loyalty forever. Before departing, Mambu’s ancestor told him about the nature of the underworld, and how it was ruled many different Deathlords, some of who are setting their sights on expanding into the world of the living.

That nightthe Ninth Handmaiden of Dust attempted to seduce Kabar through his dreams. He was able to resist but awoke feeling drained. He discussed with Mambu ways to safeguard his dreams against intrusion. Shadow Scorpion received a letter from an operative of the Guild, a massive trade organization that is looking to ally with the Dark Waves Brotherhood and take over Ekos’ place in Champoor and the southwestern region.

In the morning on the 4th day of the festival, Shadow Scorpion’s people had ships ready for the assault on the Isle of Grain. The heroes along with an intelligent blood ape named Winston that Mambu had summoned and Kabar’s army set sail and arrived at the island in a few hours. The house Ekos guards were not eager to fight and retreated from the superior force. The heroes found the slaves in their sleeping pins, but they were too drunk to effectively make an escape, having been given an excessive amount of rice wine by their masters. Kabar realized it was a ploy and that their arrival had been anticipated.

Ekos Togosh, the leader of his house, arrived with a large army of mercenaries and three Fair Folk warriors. He said he’d been warned the Isle of Grain might be the next target of the abolitionist forces, and he was there with his “unconventional allies” to end them once and for all. The forces clashed and the Kabar led his Unchained to victory over their oppressors. Ekos Togosh was captured as a prisoner and the Fair Folk elites were killed.

Returning to Champoor, they began to make preparations to gather the loyalists on the final day of the festival. However, Shadow Scorpions contact discovered that several younger members of the noble houses had gone missing that day, including Argent Hawk and Rose Path.



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