Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

First Light of Freedom

Campaign History, Part 17

The heroes “convinced” the Dark Waves Brotherhood spy to turn and work for them. He reported that a large shipment of occult materials and other valuables was coming in and Bronze Ledger would be diverting a considerable portion of her gang to protect it.

Ka Bar’s school continued to flourish, and Vapor was impressed by how quickly these freed slaves were forming into a cohesive army. Saba particularly was picking up archer skills at an amazing rate. However, Many Words warned Ka Bar he’d overheard Saba planning a raid of the Ekos training facility the House of Obedience. He discussed this with her and found that she believed her young children were still being kept there. Ka Bar agreed to strike the facility and set the slaves there free.

Shadow Scorpion’s Dark Waves Brotherhood connections were able to find news of the Realm officer Vapor has been tracking. Ivory Monkey was in route to Champoor via the Silver River and his ship had been attacked by the savage tribes that target Realm convoys. His advisors were apparently killed but he untouched and the ship is still on its way. Ivory Monkey is a powerful Dragonblooded known for breaking rebellions, and Vapor believes he was the one that gave the order to kill his family. Vapor also had a dream about hiding a metal page for someone wearing the same signet ring Mambu wears. In the dream he hid the object in a mystical tree called the Eldest of the Wounded Earth, which was believed to have been destroyed more than a thousand years ago.

Messengers from Vali Brilliant Snow contacted Mambu, asking for him to visit her immediately. He found her in terrible shape, ragged and tired. She stated that Perfect Loyalty will not let him avoid punishment, he will pass the punishment on to others. She gave him the key to the private section of the Thrice Blessed Archive, telling him to check the desk. Doing so, he discovered it was not a desk at all, but a mechanical puzzle which, when solved, revealed a hidden staircase into a subbasement. Here he found a large collection of contracts either brokered by or directly with Perfect Loyalty. Examining the legal language of the contracts with Perfect Loyalty similar to the one his ancestors undertook, he discovered a loophole: getting one of the participates of the contract (living or dead) to recant and then destroying the contract would end it.

Sheppard of Blades summoned Shadow Scorpion to a meeting where he revealed that he had been informed that Shadow Scorpion is not, in fact, Nosa Twisted Blade. Shadow Scorpion was able to play it off that he used multiple aliases and leaned on the fact that he made money for the organization. Sheppard of Blades seemed to accept that answer and asked that he and Bronze Ledger end their “ugliness.”

That night with a Blood Ape as a distraction the heroes assaulted the Ekos slave training facility called the House of Obedience (or, in some translation of the language, the House of Manners). They slaughtered the guards, set the building on fire, and freed all of the slaves inside, but on their way out encountered a large force of house Ekos mercenaries approaching the building.

Hopefully someone is reading these. +2 Solar XP if you have by the 8/21 session, just mention it to me on Sunday.



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