Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

Fall of the Satrap

Campaign History, Part 21

Early morning of the fifth day of the Festival of Great Spirits, Shadow Scorpion was awakened in his mansion by the blind fortunetelling bird. The bird held the tile from his cage labelled “Danger.” Shadow Scorpion gathered his weapons just before two demons materialized and attacked. He was skillful enough to escape them through stealth and lead them down to the Dark Waves Brotherhood underground lair. With numbers on his side, Shadow Scorpion easily destroyed the demon assassins.

Meanwhile, Mambu was awakened by a thudding sound in the Ivory Bastion. He found First Wisdom out front thrashing a guard dog spirit from Perfect Loyalty’s sanctum. The dog spirit had tracked Mambu by scent but failed to avoid First Wisdom. He went to Kabar to tell him about the attempt to track him down.

In a dream, Kabar was once again tempted by Ninth Handmaiden of Dust, but, thanks to an artifact crafted by Mambu, he was ready. He trapped the Handmaiden in the dream and interrogated her. Kabar learned that the Handmaiden (or more accurately, her master the Deathlord called Mask of Winters) believed the heroes to be in possession of a might weapon that could change the course of history. She offered to ally with the heroes and help them end slavery, using this weapon together, but Kabar refused. When asked about her whereabouts, the Handmaiden said she was very far away but still close.

The dream ended and Mnemon Karn called for Kabar. Outside the school a Prasadi army demanded Kabar be turned over for inciting rebellion, theft of property, and suspicion of being an Anathema. They announce if he gives himself up, all within will receive amnesty, but if they resisted the army would burn the school down. Kabar and the Unchained fought rather than surrender. Kabar killed two Dragonblooded officers and the Unchained routed the Prasadi.

The three heroes met together and deduced Perfect Loyalty and the Satrap together were behind the attacks. Dark Waves operatives informed Shadow Scorpion that the Ceremony of Loyalty had started and that all nobles had been required to attend. The heroes decided now was the time to make the final move on the Satrap and reinstateTan Khari. Infiltrating the Ceremony of Loyalty at the arena, they found the children of the nobles being kept as hostages. The Satrap, with Ivory Monkey at his side, gave a speech about loyalty and telling them he would be sending the children to Kamthahar to be “tutored,” implying they would be killed if the nobles of Champoor acted against him. Kabar revealed himself and introduced Tan Khari as the last heir of the Sultan. At Tan Khari’s direction, Kabar entered into a duel with the Satrap, but his Dragonblood bodyguards immediately joined in, as did Mambu and Kabar. After a climactic battle, the Satrap and his bodyguards were finally killed. Ivory Monkey escaped in the confusion.

Outside, the Unchained had defeated the Prasadi elite guard. Tan Khari and the heroes continued to the palace to retake it. The palace guards fortified their position and Subtle Purpose cloaked them in shadow to help them. Kabar forced the spirit to materialize and Shadow Scorpion successfully threatened the god into abandoning the Prasadi. The heroes’ forces broke into the palace. Their plans was for Tan Khari to sit on the throne and enforce the ancient pact between his bloodline and the Court of Night. However, the group was immediately intercepted by the elemental water dragon Zu Ko Roth.



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