Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

"Did Someone Just Throw a Scorpion at Me?”

Campaign History Part 18

The group of mercenaries outside the House of Obedience were led by Ekos Crimson Tempest, eldest son of the leader of the family. He recognized Ka Bar in his “Green Lantern” disguise as the person behind the recent rash of slave-freeing. Crimson Tempest stated that the Court of Night heard his prayers and delivered his enemies to him. To prove how Zu Ko Roth favored him, he summoned a rainstorm that gave him an edge in battle.

“Edge” or not, 20 seconds later Crimson Tempest was dead and his mercenaries scattered before the heroes. Following through with the plan, the heroes took the freed slaves to a Dark Waves safe house Shadow Scorpion had prepared. Ka Bar gave a speech about the fight against slavery and Saba vouched for his leadership and compassion. Only about 15 of the group were old enough to serve as members of the Unchained army, but others joined the support staff. About 50 remained at the safe house until a way can be found to move them safely out of the city to better lives or back to their families.

That night, Mambu decided not to drug himself to avoid dreaming. In his unimpaired dreams, an angry Perfect Loyalty demanded that Mambu present himself in person at his sanctum so they could discuss a more stringent contract. Mambu did as he was instructed the next morning and was led to the door to Perfect Loyalty’s sanctum, accessible only by the high priest of the temple of the Court of Night. Once Mambu was bodily in the god’s sanctum, Perfect Loyalty demanded he sign a new contract forcing Mambu to serve him in the physical world one day of every month. Perfect Loyalty revealed that he was an old god who served the cruel Primordials in the time before the Exalted. Mambu refused, and seeing that Perfect Loyalty was wary of the Solar Exalted and the Unconquered Sun, successfully intimidated the god into backing off his demands. Perfect Loyalty released him but said they would discuss the topic again. Mambu noted that his family’s original contract was there in the sanctum.

Mnemon Karn discussed with Ka Bar his newly opened school. Under the pretense of keeping an eye on heroes, he asked to join the school as a teacher. He was happy to return to work that he loved, sharing his knowledge of the martial arts with attentive students.

That night the heroes finally moved on Bronze Ledger while the bulk of her forces were out guarding a large shipment coming in on the docks. Breaking though the most secure part of the gang’s facility with a blood ape, the heroes attacked the main force and shredded it. Some members of the gang escaped the bloodbath, and Ka Bar’s impassioned speech paired with a logical offer from Shadow Scorpion (“you should be loyal to the Dark Waves Brotherhood, not Bronze Ledger”) convinced them to switch sides.

Led by intel from these new recruits, the heroes found the occult laboratory of the sorcerer who had been sending living shadows after them. The sorcerer was prepared and summoned seven shadows to protect him while he fled through an escape hatch. Mambu eviscerated him with a well-placed Death of Obsidian Butterflies, and Ka Bar and Shadow Scorpion dealt with the shadows.

After following the escape hatch (which led to the gang’s storage area), the heroes overheard the arrival of Bronze Ledger and her main force. Peeking out of the door to the storage room, Shadow Scorpion chucked the vial containing a manticore (which he found on the Fair Folk they killed in Sleeping Man) at Bronze Ledger. In shock, she picked the small creature off her face. “Did someone just throw a scorpion at me?” she asked before the creature mutated to full-size and began slaughtering.

Bronze Ledger’s forces managed to put down the beast after suffering heavy losses, which was when the heroes decided to strike. The battle was brief, and Bronze Ledger did not survive long. Shadow Scorpions gang now controlled Bronze Ledger’s assets, including her mansion, smuggling goods, and about half of her gang members.



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