Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

The Champion of Champoor

Campaign History, Part 4

In the tournament Ka Bar defeated Emerald Fang, a snake style fighter, and Mukar, a hulking mutant. At the end of the second day of the tournament, the satrap held a ceremony to allow prisoners mercy. Local abolitionist Ananda appealed for lenience for a group of accused slaves, but the satrap revealed that his only mercy was a quick death before he executed the prisoners personally. In the semi-final match, Ka Bar defeated Edge of Justice, a highly skilled swordsman.

In the final round he faced Ninth Handmaiden of Dust, an enigmatic young woman who had killed Joji in a previous round. Her fighting style was strange and affected the minds of onlookers. Ka Bar was very careful to not allow her the upper hand but also not to allow his anima banner to show, which would have outed him as a Solar “Anathema.” The Handmaiden fought hard and just when Ka Bar was set to land a killing blow, she vanished in a burst of black smoke. Ka Bar saw a caste mark on her forehead like Shadow Scorpion’s, but bloody and dark, before she disappeared. The Handmaiden left behind a message claiming she would see them again.

Ka Bar was hailed as the champion of the tournament and given his choice of reward from the Sultan’s treasure room. He choose a ceremonial set of armor with magical silk armor hidden inside. The satrap declared Ka Bar would be the guest of honor at a reception in the palace in three days.



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