Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

The Battle of Sleeping Man

Campaign History, Part 13

Drawing inspiration from the Black Shield Academy, Ka Bar decided to open his own martial arts school in Champoor. He purchased an old building near the Black Shield Academy, and Mambu helped him with repairs. They planned to have Shadow Scorpion’s Dark Waves Brotherhood connections smuggle his freed slaves back into the city and build up a core of a slave rebellion under the satrap’s nose.

Shadow Scorpion met again with Bronze Ledger. She was suspicious that he had a hand in the failure of the agents she sent to spy on Jahar. Though she appeared to buy his cover story, she still attempted to poison him, but his natural paranoia protected him.

Ka Bar found Ananda returned from Sleeping Man at their inn. Unfortunately she was laying in a pool of her own blood. Mambu’s divine medical skill saved her life, and she informed them a house Ekos assassin had tried to kill her and that Ka Bar’s freedmen in Sleeping Man were likely exposed.

Calling in a favor from Words of Iron, Shadow Scorpion arrange a smuggling ship to go to Sleeping Man. They met up there with the twenty four slaves Ka Bar had freed, but house Ekos slavers backed up by Prasadi elite troops and a Dragonblooded officer were not far behind. Word of the freed slaves living in Sleep Man had spread and they wanted to make a show of force to put them down.

Under Ka Bar’s direction, the freedmen took up arms and engaged the enemy on the streets of Sleeping Man. Backing their enemy against the sea, they did not allow them to escape. The heroes and their small fighting force killed their opponents to a man.



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