Exalted: Tales of the Nighted City

Mambu and Ka Bar, Ghostbusters

Campaign History, Part 11

Bronze Ledger contacted Shadow Scorpion to inform him there was a change of plans and to delay the kidnapping of Argent Hawk. He investigated and found that Bronze Ledger knew about a secret meeting taking place at Argent Hawk’s upcoming nameday celebration, and Bronze Ledger had planted spies to blackmail the whole group.

As the Champion of Champoor, Ka Bar was still a minor celebrity in the city. He met with one group that actual sparked his interest, a school for bodyguards called the Black Shield Academy. Run by Black Shield Talya and Black Shield Garrus, Ka Bar was impressed with their good practices. During his visit, a foundry owner Dalsar Soot tried to hire them, but they refused, pointing out that what he wanted protection from was ghosts, something they could help help with. Mambu agreed to help outfit the Black Shield Academy and Ka Bar acted as a guest instructor, which the students responded positively to.

Mambu and Ka Bar also agreed to help Dalsar Soot. His shop, the Khallan Foundry, was haunted and his people were being hurt. Mambu and Ka Bar destroyed the ghostly infestation for the price of Dalsar freeing his slaves. Mambu tracked down the book that had been used in the ghost summoning ritual to a bookseller named Talis. He traded a First Age book from the Ivory Bastion for it and two very rare books on Champoor history.



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